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Mar 14

Broward Airboat Show

posted on March 14, 2010 by Don

Had a great first day at the Broward county Airboat Show yesterday.  We unveiled our newest airboat propeller, the NGH with our latest quiet tip technology.  Answered a lot of questions about "what does that do?"   Look for the propeller to appear here on our web site shortly.

Talked with a ton of people including Rick and his wife from Southern Airboat, the gang from GTO, Jay and Jackie from Panther Airboats, Glenn Fichter of Southern Enterprise, Doug Hammant from Airboats, Inc and Dave Hartz from Waterthunder Perfromance.  Of course it was great to meet and talk with the many happy Sensenich customers and potential customers.  If you have never been to the Broward Airboat Show it is definitely something to see if you are into airboats.  The "Show" boats are unbelievable in their detail and craftsmenship.

Mar 04

New Airboat Project - Update

posted on March 4, 2010 by Don

Well, we finished cutting the mold for our new airboat blade.  Great job Darrin!!  It was a tough one to program for the CNC with that crazy tip shape.  We are polishing the mold and should be able to make the first prototype blade tomorrow.  everybody here is looking forward to seeing what the first blade looks like.  Looks like we will definitely have some prototypes at the Broward show next weekend.  Even have a boat lined up to have it displayed on.  Hopefully we'll have enough blades to have a prop in the booth also!!

Mar 04

New Airboat Project Update #2

posted on March 4, 2010 by Don

Well, we just completed cutting the mold for our newest airboat blade.  Got the mold polished and made the first blade.  The blade came out pretty good.  Looks like we will have the blade ready for a debut at the Broward show on the 13th.  Hope to have one of these new propellers on an airboat and have one displayed in our booth.  I think it will be a real eye-catcher along with the awesome performance our engineers have squeezed out of it.

Mar 01

2010 West Palm Beach Airboat Show

posted on March 1, 2010 by Terry

It was great seeing everybody at the WPB Airboat and Halftrack show this past weekend.  Pretty miserable day on saturday due to the rough weather that came in.  Thanks to the vendors who let us hang out with them once the wind and rain started.  Luckily for them their tent was under a tree and stayed somewhat dry.  Appreciated everyone coming by and letting us know how much you enjoy your Sensenich airboat propeller.  We look forward to doing the show next year as the West Palm Club puts on a great show!

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