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  • Material

    • Carbon Fiber

Special Features:

Horsepower from 5 to 200
• Power: piston, rotary, heavy fuel, electric; direct or redrive
• Aircraft speed: 30 - 300 knots
• Diameter: 15” to 98” (380cm to 2.48m)
• Blade count: 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6
• Many standard flange patterns available
• Custom flange patterns accommodated as needed
• Fixed pitch: wood, composite, or aluminum
• Ground-adjustable composite
• Variable-pitch (electric) composite props
for 40-70hp w/ redrive
• Pusher or tractor
• Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
• Protection: urethane edge; special erosion coating; metal
erosion shield
• Hundreds of off-the-shelf propeller configurations


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4 Blade GA Propellers

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Sensenich manufactures all UAV propellers to
rigid FAA Certified Aircraft propeller standards, including using
kiln dried lumber, glue shear testing, and material certifications.
Sensenich puts every individual propeller through a rigid
conformity inspection where airfoil and hub dimensions are verified
to the propeller drawing, and every propeller is balanced
at four separate stages: during assembly the glued blank is
rough balanced; static balance is then checked and maintained
through the carving, tipping, and painting operations.
All Sensenich wood props are cut on state-of-the-art CNC
machines to asssure consistent performance: 10 years from
now, the same computer file will be used to profile your new
prop, assuring you get identical performance from every propeller.


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Sensenich Propeller manufactures and services our own Fixed Pitch Wood, Aluminum and
Composite Ground Adjustable Propellers for Airboats, Aircraft and UAVs.
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