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  • C2323 Spinner Dome
  • C2324 Front Bulkhead
  • C2325 Rear Bulkhead


  • Accessory Type

    • Spinners

Special Features:

  • 3 Piece Spinner
  • Spun Aluminum
  • Alodined

C2326 Spinner Assembly Accessories

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Sensenich's C22326 Aluminum spinner assembly for was designed for use with our propeller model 69CKS12 on a Cessna 150 L or M and also with our propeller  model 72CKS6.  The spinner consists of three parts, Rear Bulkhead, Front Bulkhead, and Spinner Dome.

The spinner is manufactured by spinning aluminum on a mandrel.  The spinner consists of three pieces.  There is a rear bulkhead that mounts behind the propeller, a front bulkhead that mounts on the front hub face of the propeller and a dome that attaches to both the front and rear bulkhead.

All aluminum spinners are alodined for corrosion protection and are ready to be primed and painted to match your aircraft.


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