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  • RV-7 72FM Propeller


  • Material

    • Aluminum
  • Engine Suitability

    • Lycoming O-360
  • Horsepower

    • 180 HP

Special Features:

  • Forged Aluminum
  • 2-1/4" Spacer
  • Comes Complete with Bolt Kit
  • Aluminum Spinner Available


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72FM8S9 Propellers

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Sensenich’s 72FM series aluminum propeller was designed for 170 - 220+ mph aircraft utilizing the Lycoming O-360 180 horsepower engine.

It is available in a number of different pitches to match your aircraft's speed profile.  This propeller comes with a 2-1/4" spacer for moving the propeller out in front of the cowling. 

This blade design is a perfect match for Van's RV Series of aircraft.  We have an aluminum 3 piece spinner for this propeller to match the cowling of an RV.  This spinner comes complete with the blade cutouts and is alodined for corrosion protection, ready for you to paint to match your aircraft.

All Sensenich aluminum propellers are manufactured from 2025 forged aluminum.  The propellers are CNC machined and then hand-finished to very tight tolerances.  Each propeller then goes through a rigid 56 point inspection to assure you of the highest quality, most problem free propeller available.All aluminum propellers are vibration tested before being approved for use on any engine.


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  • Diameter Reduction(explain)

    Propeller diameter reduction from design diameter

  • Propeller Pitch(explain)

    Propeller pitch in stated in inches of pitch



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