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  • H Series Camo Boat
  • 3 Blade H Predator


  • Propeller Series

    • H Series
  • Material

    • Carbon Fiber
  • Engine Type

    • Direct Drive & Reduction Units
  • Available Rotation

    • Left and Right Hand

Special Features:

  1. Left and Right Hand Rotation
  2. 8 Inch Blade Width
  3. Blades can be trimmed for smaller diameters 
  4. Sale price of larger diameter propellers will be higher
  5. Different hubs and Left Hand blades can make propellers 66"-74"
  6. Different hubs and Right Hand blades can make propellers 73"-80"
  7. Never reduce blade length before consulting with Sensenich Propeller
  8. 3000 Maximum RPM


Installation Instructions


H Series Blade Propellers

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Sensenich’s “H” Blade carbon fiber ground adjustable propeller was designed with the sport airboater in mind. This snappy, high speed propeller combines good dry running with very fast top end speed. These blades can be used on all direct drive automotive and aircraft engines. It can also be used on engines with reduction units for increased throttle response. Suitable for 1.5 up through 2.0 reductions.

The 3 Blade H Series is a favorite of 220 - 300  direct drive applications that are look for pure top end speed.

All Sensenich composite ground adjustable blades are manufactured using an internal pressure, closed mold system. Aerospace grade epoxy preimpregnated carbon fiber and fiberglass a cured at an elevated temperature to give the optimum strength at the minimum weight. A co-cured stainless metal leading edge is bonded on flush with the airfoil.


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Customize Your Propeller:

  • Blade Length(explain)

    Length of blade before any reduction

  • Diameter Reduction(explain)

    Propeller diameter reduction from design diameter



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