• Aircraft


    Aluminum Propellers and Wood Fixed Pitch Propellers and Composite Ground Adjustable Propellers for Type Certified, Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft.

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    Sensenich Aircraft Propellers
  • Airboat


    Sensenich Manufactures a full line of Carbon Fiber Ground Adjustable propellers and Fixed Pitch wood propellers for use on Airboats, Fans and Wind Machines for engines from 50 HP to over 1000 HP

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    Sensenich Airboat Propellers
  • UAV


    Sensenich has been proud to be developing UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) propellers for the United States Military since the 1960's.

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    Sensenich UAV Propellers
  • Display


    Our display propellers are hand crafted with the same amount of care and attention as we give our production props. choose from clocks to oversized toothbrushes, amozonian baseball bats to, competition tennis paddles.

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Sensenich Propeller manufactures and services our own Fixed Pitch Wood, Aluminum and
Composite Ground Adjustable Propellers for Airboats, Aircraft and UAVs.
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