3 Blade Q Series

Sensenich’s “Q” Blade carbon fiber ground adjustable propeller incorporates our latest design technology to give you the superior performance you have been looking for. It is the industry leading propeller for direct drive engines. The swept blade shape reduces noise and decreases metal leading edge wear. These blades can be used on all direct drive automotive and aircraft engines. It can also be used on reduction units where a smaller diameter propeller is required.

The  3 Blade Q Series is a workhorse on  the Lycoming O-540 and Continental O-520 engines.  It has tremendous low end push.  The propeller for aircraft engine airboaters who never want to get stuck.

All Sensenich composite ground adjustable blades are manufactured using an internal pressure, closed mold system. Aerospace grade epoxy preimpregnated carbon fiber and fiberglass are cured at an elevated temperature to give the optimum strength at the minimum weight. A co-cured stainless metal leading edge is bonded on flush with the airfoil.

Special Features:

  1. Left Hand Rotation Only
  2. I-Beam Advanced Manufacturing Process
  3. 10.5 Inch Blade Width
  4. Blades can be trimmed for smaller diameters 
  5. Sale price of larger diameter propellers will be higher
  6. Different hub and blade lengths can make propellers 70″-72″
  7. Never reduce blade length before consulting with Sensenich Propeller
  8. 3000 Maximum RPM


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