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Aircraft, Airboat, UAV Propellers and other Pushy Objects

Sensenich has been designing and manufacturing propellers for many applications since the early 1930s. We’ve developed robust design and analysis capabilities that incorporate the latest aerodynamics and structural concepts, such as winglets, hollow composite blades with integral I-beam stiffeners, and compression molded stressed skin construction over foam core. 

Our specialty is in propellers and fans, but our expertise also encompasses wind tunnel blades, rotor blades (so far up to 8’ radius), wing parts and other components.  Between our two locations, we have over 10 CNC centers for milling, routing, ply cutting, and engraving, in addition to a CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) and calibrated tool and gage systems.  Both facilities have FAA Production Certificates and Repair Station Licenses and maintain FAA approval for Quality Assurance and Process Specifications.

When fast turnaround and high-quality structures are paramount, Sensenich has become the “Go To” supplier for top aerospace companies and defense contractors.  Our Engineering Team can do the all the preliminary and detailed design or use the customer’s CAD model and build-to-print.  We also have vibration stress measurement capability with modal shake testing and wireless data acquisition from strain gages.

How are Sensenich Wooden Props Made?

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