4 Blade 72″ Alpha series

The new Sensenich “Alpha” series prop system for the 6-cylinder Aircraft engine market is the latest performance based design for good speed along with best in class cruise efficiency. This new system will utilize pitch block and plate hub configurations for many different applications ranging from 4 to 5 blades. This new prop features a more traditional style airfoil for increased mid and top end speed while the light weight design increases the engines ability to respond faster.  Sensenich has incorporated an optimized composite lay-up to minimize “flattening out” under high thrust loading. This propeller runs extremely smooth due to the composite hollow construction and advanced manufacturing process.

6-cylinder Aircraft and 8-cylinder automotive will benefit from the Alpha blade, free running hull designs along with this system will have a similar result of fun with a great cruise, snappy and a fast ride style. 

Special Features:

  1. Left Hand Rotation
  2. Advanced Manufacturing Process
  3. 6 Inch Blade Width
  4. 3000 Maximum RPM
  5. Blades can be trimmed for smaller diameters 
  6. Sale price of larger diameter propellers will be higher
  7. Different hubs can make propellers diameters from 70″-74″
  8. Never reduce blade length before consulting with Sensenich Propeller


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