Vortex Blade

The Sensenich “Vortex” series blade model was originally developed in 2014 for purpose built boats used in sanctioned racing events. The design point and functionality was for optimum time reduction in a distance of 400ft. and it does fit this purpose very well while also reducing the overall top speed at this distance. Compared to the Saber, the Vortex does share a few similarities like shank style and diameter so blades will fit into any current Saber or Warp Drive hub configuration and standard diameter starts at 72″. This new design uses a more aggressive blade taper ratio area for increased low end thrust for improved hole shot and a hybrid hollow laminate structure to help reduce blade weight for improved engine response time. The Vortex is only available in left hand rotation and all complete propeller assemblies come standard with lightened plate and pitch blocks so you get the ultimate propeller for your boat. 

The Vortex was purposely designed to be the ultimate light weight propeller and comes with no warranties.

Special Features:

  1. Left Hand Rotation Only
  2. Hybrid Hollow Advanced Manufacturing Process
  3. 5-1/4 Inch Blade Width
  4. 3000 Maximum RPM
  5. Blades can be trimmed for smaller diameters 
  6. Sale price of larger diameter propellers will be higher
  7. Different hubs can make propellers diameters from 66″-90+”
  8. Never reduce blade length before consulting with Sensenich Propeller


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